• CT Yankee's BBQ

    SFFL Store: CT Yankee BBQ will be on-site on Bowl Day! Delicious, freshly cooked smoked BBQ is being served all day from noon to the end of the Super Bowl.  ... More
  • Shelton Animal Shelter

    So many SFFL families have adopted pets from the Shelton Animal Shelter and so many pet lovers proudly bring their pets to the field each Saturday.  We are asking families to donate what they can. Attached is... More
  • Download the App

    Download the Sportssignup app and stay up to date with schedule changes, league news and team notices from your Head Coach. Android App at Google Play: More
  • Welcome To Shelton Flag Football

    We hope our web site will provide valuable information to all league members. Teams can and should contribute content to their team page. This is all about making the SFFL experience the best it can be for al... More
  • Contact Us

    SFFL Board of Directors President - Matt Brennan  Vice President - Luke Philippas Treasurer - John Gagne Player Agent / League Commissioner - Karen Philippas League Secretary - Dan Casinelli League Coor... More
  • SFFL General Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct: Shelton Flag Football League is a youth football program.  This program teaches the skills of football and sportsmanship in a safe and enjoyable environment.  All spectators at all practices... More