UpdatedFriday June 24, 2016 bySFFL.


1. Is Shelton Flag Football only open to Shelton residents?

No. Shelton Flag Football is open to all towns.

2. When does the season begin?

Practice starts the first week of August and runs through about the second week of November.

3. What days do teams practice? When are games played?

Practice days and times are determined by the Head Coach. Practice is typically between Monday and Friday. Micro level teams practice for 1.5 hours. All other levels practice for 2 hours.  Games are primarily played on Saturday at the Nike Site in Shelton.  The Micro level will play 1 night game during the season.  All other divisions will play some games on a Monday night or Wednesday night.

4. How many days do teams practice?

The Micro level practices twice per week starting in August and will drop to once per week around the time school starts, All other SFFL levels practice three times per week and drop to twice per week around the time school starts.

5. Can my player be placed on a specific team?

No. Players will not be placed on specific teams because of carpooling, work issues, friends on a team or any other circumstance.

6. How are teams selected?

All new players and players moving up from the Micro division are entered in the SFFL Draft.  The SFFL draft is designed to balance teams out by age group and overall team totals.

7. Why do players where full equipment if this is a flag league?

SFFL is a modified flag football league. This is not a league without contact. Players do block and can and do hit the ground. Players are not allowed to tackle. The equipment is required for player safety.

8. What equipment does SFFL supply and what do I need to supply?

SFFL supplies practice and game jerseys, shoulder pads and flags.  You must supply socks, cleats (not metal) football pants with knee, thigh, hip and tale pads, mouth piece and a white helmet.

9. What size footbal is used?

We use a Rawlings ST5 Composite.  Players 8 and up use the Youth size. Players under 8 (Micro Level) use the Pee Wee model

10. My player plays another sport during the football season.  Is it possible to do both sports?

Yes, it is possible to play more than one sport at a time. However, keep in mind players that miss practice will also miss learning football skills, plays and an opportunity to contribute to the team. Playing time may be reduced as a result.

11. Can my player switch teams?

No.  Players may not switch teams once they have been drafted to a team.