UpdatedTuesday April 5, 2016 byLuke Philippas.

SFFL offers the following levels of play.  The structure of the league is very similar to a high school structure.  Micro, JV and Varsity divisions are offered. 


The Micro division is open to players ages 5,6 and 7.  NOTE: Five year old players MUST turn 6 by 12/31 of the current football season. This division stresses basic fundamentals of football with the goal of preparing the players for the next level of play and less on wins and losses.

The Varsity/JV and Junior JV division is a single team consisting of players ages 8-13.  The team however is broken down into three sub divisions.

  • The Varsity level is the highest SFFL level.  Players ages 10-13 may participate.  Advanced skills are taught.  Competition at this level is much higher.  Playoff and Bowl placement is determined by the win/loss record of the Varsity.
  • The JV squad has players 8-10. All players aged 8-10 are eligible to play in a JV game. These players are part of the Varsity parent team / squad.   Basic and advanced football skills are taught.  The JV record plays no role in league playoffs or bowl placements.
  • The Junior JV squad has players ages 8-9.  Players ages 8-9 are eligible to play in the Junior JV game.  Once again, these players are part of the Varsity parent squad and their win/loss record has no bearing in league playoffs or bowl placements.